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Volcanic Hazards Documentation and Logistic Research

VHDL is an organisation, which takes it's part for clarification and the transmission of datas about volcanic hazards and risks. Concerning this, VHDL has set up different projects. VHDL is non commercial, neither a scientific institution. The terrible Tsunami on Dez. 2004 has shown, that desaster warnings can save lives. VHDL projects are an attempet to this subject (warning at volcanoes) to be worth to invest in. Please help!

VHDL member work on volcanoes worldwide to study volcanic hazards and risks. Logistic research is frequently done to provide this knowledge to anyone visiting and planing to work at an active volcano. This knowledge can improve access to a site of field studies and may increase the safety for a project.

Furthermost, film documentaries about volcanic hazards are produced to support evacuation and information campaigns. To show, what a volcano eruption can cause, certainly allerts the people living in hazardous areas around a volcano. This educational videos are offered to institutions and authorities worldwide.

Projects at active volcanoes, such as evacuation campains, are initiated by VHDL to help with a variety of knowledges. For third-world-countries, the effort to provide effective help and clarification to those people living in hazardous areas around volcanoes can be a problem. That's where we can and should help.

VHDL is not operating any more. SORRY

Common sense and one of our serious desires!

Please respect nature and do not leave any rubbish at the volcano and do not touch any scientific instruments.
Beside general mountain equippment, take always a helmet, a gas mask, strong shoes and wear clothes (cotton), which are not easyly inflameable.
If you are unexperienced or don't know the volcano, ask first of what is going on there. It's not only your life you are risking, it's also anyones life trying to rescue you in case of trouble.

VHDL is not operating any more. SORRY

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Public Representative: Hans-Jürgen Knoblauch; Multimedia: Marc Szeglat; Managing Director: Chris Weber, Webmaster: VHDL - onlineMEDIA

Volcanic Hazards Documentation and Logistic Research
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